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Category: Books >> Fiction >> Exuma Tide
Exuma Tide

Exuma Tide


Exuma Tide

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Catalog # 0967685311

Wahoo, one of the fastest, fiercest fighting fish in the ocean are an elusive prize, but the father son team of Max and Gaffer Carson are always up for that kind of challenge. When they are called away from the Bimini Wahoo Champiohship to rescue the survivors of a sinking luxury yacht, the adventure begins. In trying to show their appreciation for having saved their lives, the wealthy, but down to earth, Jeremy and Jessica Diamond make an effort to strengthen a friendship with Max and Gaffer. In so doing they inadvertently involve them in a kidnap caper that takes them to the shallow and dangerous waters of the Exuma Island chain in the Bahamas. No one likes cruising at night in dangerous waters. For anyone who you can relate to the hazards of navigating on a pitch black night among rocky bottoms, sand bars, and coral heads, this one will make your hair stand on end.

Authors: Patrick Mansell, Paul Hammond
Publisher Bimini Twist Pub
Language English
Edition Hardcover

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