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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Maintenance >> Boat Cosmetics Made Simple
Boat Cosmetics Made Simple

Boat Cosmetics Made Simple


Boat Cosmetics Made Simple

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Finally, a book that devotes itself solely to the cosmetic aspects of boat maintenance. With the second edition of Boat Cosmetics Made Simple comes many exciting changes. There is more step-by-step information on how to take care of your teak, how to make minor gelcoat repairs, and some more advice from our friendly ""dock rats."" Another change you will notice is the difference in attitude toward our environment. The biggest change has been our awareness of the damage caused to our environment by non-biodegradable cleaning products. This second edition greatly emphasizes the use of biodegradable products. In this book you will learn how to: detail, clean and maintain teak, varnish, compound and wax, make minor Gelcoat repairs, maintain running and standing rigging, understand bottom maintenance and electrolysis and much more.

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