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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Seamanship >> Tuning Your Dinghy
Tuning Your Dinghy

Tuning Your Dinghy


Tuning Your Dinghy

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Tuning your Dinghy throws a bright light on the black art of boat tuning. Here is a logical, systematic approach to the problem of setting up your boat and fine-tuning it for maximum speed on all points of sailing. A 'troubleshooting' section at the back of the book shows how to pinpoint and cure specific weaknesses in your boat's performance.
Tuning your Dinghy is part of the Sail to Win series - books by world-class sailors and sailing coaches which take a fresh look at the complex subject of racing. Each book gives the detailed expert advice that the competent sailor must have to overcome the "club racer" barrier and compete successfully in international fleets. The emphasis is on practical, effective advice presented in a straightforward, highly illustrated manner.

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