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Category: Books >> Fiction >> Fine Tops'l Breeze
Fine Tops'l Breeze

Fine Tops'l Breeze


Fine Tops'l Breeze

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Catalog # 1888671408

Continuing the adventures of the newest character in American sea fiction, Isaac Biggs of Marble head, Massachusetts, this second volume of the trilogy finds Isaac as Third Mate on the Salem privateer General Washington in February 1813. At the same time, his friends from the British frigate Orpheus and the Baltimore schooner Glory find berths on the American warship USS Constellation and, eventually, they wind up on the USS Chesapeake in Boston just in time for her disastrous meeting with HMS Shannon. Throughout the spring of 1813, Isaac and the General Washington roam the waters between Massachusetts and Nova Scotia, taking prizes and harassing the British. When the American survivors of the Chesapeake/Shannon battle are confined in Melville Island Prison in Halifax, the General Washington and Isaac play an important role in securing their freedom.

Author: William H. White
Publisher: Tiller Publishing
First edition (April 2001)
Paperback: 288 pages
Language: English

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