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Category: About Fish A Guide For Children
About Fish A Guide For Children

About Fish A Guide For Children

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About Fish A Guide For Children

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The Sills, whose previous books include About Amphibians (2001) and About Reptiles (1999), extend their useful series with an elementary introduction to fish. Beautifully illustrated with delicate, precise watercolor paintings, the text uses simple words to discuss topics such as how fish move, breathe, and protect themselves from predators. Each of the 15 spreads in this well-designed volume features a full-page illustration on one side facing a line or phrase of text on the other. Simple enough for a preschool teacher to read aloud in class, and easy enough for new readers to read for themselves, the presentation is extended by an informative afterword that includes a miniature black-and-white reproduction of each painting and a paragraph of text that identifies the species pictured, explains how it represents the concept mentioned, and further discusses the fish.

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