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Category: Pirate Pete
Pirate Pete

Pirate Pete

We no longer offer this item.

Pirate Pete

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 0810943565

Gold puts the twinkle in Pirate Pete's eye, and where there's gold, he's a-goin'. After stealing a treasure map from the queen, Pete and his parrot set sail for Mermaid Island. Unfortunately, they are sidetracked by the possibilities of gold elsewhere. Nothing pans out until a baby dragon, hatched from the golden egg Pete steals from Dragon Island, sets the ship afire, causing it to sink conveniently near Mermaid Island. It's there Pete finally finds a treasure--only to be caught by the angry queen, who seizes the booty and leaves Pete and his parrot marooned. Lucky for Pete and Parrot, she forgets to take the rowboat, which Pete points toward the sunset, "where the ocean glistened like a thousand coins of gold."

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