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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Travel >> Florida's Golden Age Of Souvenirs 1890 1
Florida's Golden Age Of Souvenirs 1890 1

Florida's Golden Age Of Souvenirs 1890 1


Florida's Golden Age Of Souvenirs 1890 1

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More than 500 color illustrations in this lavish book showcase an incredible array of travel treasures purchased by Florida's first tourists-primarily wealthy northerners-during the years 1890-1930, the golden age of Florida tourism, when souvenirs were works of art. Larry Roberts links the keepsakes to the state's history and provides expert insights into the artistic quality of the items, elevating them above the category of mere collectibles.
In this excellent reference for institutional and individual collectors alike, Roberts discusses the appeal and describes the various manufacturing processes of wood carvings, figurines, prints, jewelry, pottery, glass and metal ware, and traditional scenic china and spoons. He also examines some types of memorabilia made exclusively by Florida artists, including the obscure alligator carvers of Jacksonville, whose finely crafted canes and corkscrews are highly regarded among contemporary folk-art collectors; Olive Commons, who captured the Florida wilderness in minute detail on porcelain; E. G. Harris and Esmond Barnhill, traveling photographers who hand-tinted and printed landscapes; and the Seminole Indians, who created the colorful handsewn dolls that they still sell today.

Larry A. Roberts, a consultant for the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee and the author of articles in such publications as Antiques and Art Around Florida, has been a collector of antiques and memorabilia for more than twenty years. He lives in Gainesville, Florida, and owns an antique shop in nearby Micanopy.

Author: Larry Roberts
Publisher: University Press of Florida
Edition Date: 2001
Number of Pages: 232

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