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Category: Books >> Fiction – Series >> Governor Ramage Rn Novel 4
Governor Ramage Rn Novel 4

Governor Ramage Rn Novel 4


Governor Ramage Rn Novel 4

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Catalog # 093552679X

Lieutenant Lord Ramage and the men of the Triton brig are assigned to help escort a convoy of fat merchant ships to Jamaica. Unfortunately, Rear-Admiral Goddard is in charge and determined to continue his vendetta against Ramage. When a mysterious and sinister ship joins the convoy, the stakes rise as Ramage and his men fight to protect a familyy of important French aristocrats traveling incognity, and the fury of an approaching hurricane threatens to destroy them all! This is Dudley Pope at his best: rousing sea adventure, stirring naval action, witty dialogue- and a smart, beautiful woman with her eye on Ramage.

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