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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Instruments >> Clocks & Watches >> Atlantis Quartz Brass Clock
Atlantis Quartz Brass Clock

Atlantis Quartz Brass Clock


Atlantis Quartz Brass Clock

In stock
Catalog # WP200500

This popular Atlantis Quartz Clock is our most traditional nautical quartz clock. This nautical clock with precision quartz movement is housed in a beautiful solid, forged brass case that is hand polished and flawlessly lacquered. Hand polishing and a flawless coat of lacquer add timeless depth and luster to this brass unit. The screw bezel adds the classic nautical look, yet allows easy access to the components when the unit is mounted. Uses traditional ship's 89 bell cycle, ringing every half-hour. Complete with bell silencer switch. Dial: 4 inches, base: 5-1/2 inches, depth 2-7/8 inches.


•Provided with AA battery, complete instructions and mounting hardware
•Precision Quartz movement
•Limited lifetime warranty

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