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Category: Flags >> International >> Flag Bahamas 4 X 6 Courtesy OR Merchant
Flag Bahamas 4 X 6 Courtesy OR Merchant

Flag Bahamas 4 X 6 Courtesy OR Merchant


Flag Bahamas 4 X 6 Courtesy OR Merchant

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Catalog # 200414

The flag of the Bahamas has a black equilateral triangle on the left that represents the unity and determination of the people of the Bahamas. The triangle is oriented toward three equal-width stripes symbolizing areas of natural resource; two aquamarine stripes at the top and bottom of the flag representing the sea and one gold stripe representing the land. The flag was adopted on July 10, 1973. The civil ensign is a red ensign with a white cross throughout and the national flag in the upper-hoist corner.

A visitor flag is normally NOT hoisted until the vessel is properly cleared by customs and immigration. Until clearance is complete, fly the yellow Q (quarantine) flag.

• For outdoor display;
• Nyl-glo 100% heavy weight nylon;
• Specially treated to minimize sun and chemical deterioration;
• Extremely durable and fast drying;
• Brilliant colors;
• Engineered to resist damage from the sun's UV rays;
• Finished with strong canvas headings and large grommets.

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