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Category: Flags >> International >> Flag Netherlands 12 X 18
Flag Netherlands 12 X 18

Flag Netherlands 12 X 18


Flag Netherlands 12 X 18

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Catalog # 195978

The national flag of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is a tricolour flag of three equal sized horizontal bands of bright vermilion (top), silver, and colbalt. The flag proportions (width:length) are 2:3. The first stadtholder of the Dutch Republic was William I of Orange, who joined with Dutch nationalists and led the struggle for independence. Partly out of respect for him, the first flag adopted by the Dutch was a horizontal tricolour of orange, white, and blue. It became known as the Prinsenvlag ("Prince's flag") and was based on the livery of William of Orange. The orange dye was particularly unstable and tended to turn red after a while, so in the mid-17th century, bright verrmilion was made the official colour. The flag has flown since then, but was confirmed by Royal Decree only in 1937, at the same time the colour parameters were exactly defined. As the first revolutionary flag, it has had a seminal influence throughout the world. Until about 1800, in the case of both the orange- and the vermilion-striped versions, the number of stripes and their order frequently varied.

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