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Category: Flags >> International >> Flag British VI 12 X 18 Red
Flag British VI 12 X 18 Red

Flag British VI 12 X 18 Red


Flag British VI 12 X 18 Red

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History: The flag of the British Virgin Islands was adopted on 15 November 1960. The civil Red Ensign with the Union Flag in the canton, and defaced with the Coat of Arms of the British Virgin Islands. The coat of arms depicts a woman flanked on either side by a vertical column of six oil lamps above a scroll bearing the Latin word VIGILATE (Be Watchful); the islands were named by COLUMBUS in 1493 in honor of Saint Ursula and her 11 virgin followers (some sources say 11,000) who reputedly were martyred by the Huns in the 4th or 5th century; the figure on the banner holding a lamp represents the saint, the other lamps symbolize her followers.

This stunning flag is constructed of Nyl-Glo material; the longest-lasting nylon flag material available. Nyl-Glo flags are brightly colored and fly in the lightest breeze.

Nyl-Glo flags offer:

• Best resistance to damaging ultraviolet radiation
• Dense 200 denier nylon weave
• Hand fitted, double needle seam with back-stitch reinforcement
• Premium quality extra-strength polyester thread

Flags have metal grommet rings on the end, and are meant to fly horizontally on a vertical flagpole.

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