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Category: Books >> Fiction – Series >> Hornblower During The Crisis 4
Hornblower During The Crisis 4

Hornblower During The Crisis 4


Hornblower During The Crisis 4

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Catalog # 0316289442

Although unfinished at the time of C. S. Forester's death, Hornblower During the Crisis delivers a full measure of action at sea - the hallmark of this incomparably exciting series of historical adventures. On the threshold of securing his first post as captain, Hornblower finds himself forced by the exigencies of war to fight alongside a man whom he has unintentionally helped to court-martial. For the first time Hornblower assents to engaging in espionage in his efforts to bring victory and glory to England in the Napoleonic Wars. Also included in this volume are two stories Hornblower's Temptation and The Last Encounter that depict the great sea dog Hornblower in his youth and old age, respectively.

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