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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Instruments >> Chart Tubes >> Chart Tube Extender Black 12" Long 3.5" Diameter
Chart Tube Extender Black 12

Chart Tube Extender Black 12


Chart Tube Extender Black 12" Long 3.5" Diameter

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Catalog # X61163

CHARTPAK Expand-A-Tube Storage System (Large 12" x 3.5") inside diameter. Used with the Expand-A-Tube Storage System Small Gray to increase the tube length for a multitude of uses, including storing, mailing or transporting drawings, charts, blueprints, maps and posters. Made of virgin high density polyethylene, the lightweight durable tubes are water resistant and ultraviolet light proof.

The unique design interlocks the main tube with one or more 12” middle sections to extend the tubes length in 12” increments. A tube can be made long enough to store a school banner, flag pole or even a fishing pole.

Manufacturer: Alvin
Dimensions: 12" x 3.5"

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