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Xerox Set A Bahamas


Xerox Set A Bahamas

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Bluewater Books & Charts Photo Copy Chart Portfolios offer high quality Xerox copies of the most popular charts for many areas in handy portfolios at less than one-half the price of government charts. The chart copies are made from the largest editions of official NOAA and NGA charts, with easy-to-read black print. The copies are 100 percent of the original chart size.

Set A - Bahamas - 9 charts
Our price $89.95 - Comparable retail value $197.55
NOS 11013 Straits of Florida and Approaches
NGA 26320 Straits of Florida and NW Providence Channel
NGA 26300 Little Bahama Bank to Eleuthera
NGA 26282 Andros to San Salvador, including Exuma Sound
NGA 26280 Eleuthera to Crooked Island Passage
NGA 26240 Crooked Island Passage to Cabo Masai Haiti
NGA 26260 Passages Between Acklins, Haiti and Crooked Is.
NGA 26309 New Providence Island and Nassau Harbor
NGA 26324 Bimini, Gun Cay, Cat Cay, Ocean Cay and Appr.

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