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From A Bare Hull

From A Bare Hull


From A Bare Hull

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After 13 printings and over 100,000 copies sold, From a Bare Hull has become the ultimate nautical classic and the reference book for both homebuilders and professionals. Ferenc Mate has written the most lucid, comprehensive - and rarest of all, completely entertaining - manual on boat building and finishing. Though every page will be useful to anyone finishing off or modifying a sailboat, everyone who owns or is in the market for an already complete stock fiberglass boat will receive a thorough education here. The first three chapters alone, 124 pages on how to spot a good, and bad fiberglass boat, are worth the price of the book. The scope and detail of From a Bare Hull are enormous. From hull insulation, rudder installations, and cabin overlays, plus 12 page chapters on hatches, and teak decks, and a 34 page chapter on tools. Though the subject matter is technical, with plenty of hands-on,, how-to-do-it instructions, Mate presents it all with an informality, as though he were working right at your elbows. If you ever thought of finishing off a hull or even making a slight change in a stock boat, From a Bare Hull is the book for you.

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