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Category: Megayachts USA 2 2001
Megayachts USA 2 2001

Megayachts USA 2 2001

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Megayachts USA 2 2001

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Second in a series of yearly publications by Boat International USA. Within this edition are twenty examples of the world's finest yachts, as selected by the editors of Boat International USA, the leading luxury yacht magazine in North America.

To be shown in this series, a megayacht meets the highest standards of design and construction. An arbitrary size of around 85 feet (26 meters) was chosen as the minimum size to be included and each yacht must excel in a particular field, such as craftsmanship, interior design, or simply sheer size, and it must have a direct link to the American market, either through the builder, owner, or designers.

Included in this edition are Affinity, Alexis, Antonisa, Big Bad John, Blue Moon, Carib Queen, Continental Drifter, Destiny One, Georgia, Hound Dog, Intrinsic, Katana, Oregon Mist, Pamina, Samantha Lin, Savannah, Shenandoah, Sir Jon, Soulmate, and Sovereign Lady. In addition, a cruising feature through the Inside Passage of British Columbia and Alaska aboard Centurion is included.

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