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Caribbean High

Caribbean High


Caribbean High

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Catalog # 9781440433184

Caribbean High is for anyone who enjoys a ripping yarn, offbeat characters, and thrilling adventures on the high seas.Retired Special Forces officer Richard Turpin wanted a quiet fiftieth birthday, but with friends like his, he should have known better. What begins as a party turns into a riot that shatters the tranquility of a Caribbean paradise, threatens the international diamond industry, and sparks a revolution... Rescued from the old military prison where he is facing torture and death, Turpin and his hell-raising friends race to save the woman that two of them love. When kidnapping turns to murder they are forced into a perilous sea-going chase ahead of an approaching tropical storm. The storm isn't the only problem! With the fate of an island at stake and revenge at hand, the only thing capable of putting to sea is the infamous Lucky Lady... an ancient one hundred ten foot schooner that is little more than a floating bar!

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