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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Navigation Tools >> Nav Slide Rules >> Light Rule Cevni
Light Rule Cevni

Light Rule Cevni


Light Rule Cevni

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Catalog # WP191


This version of the LightRule is for the European Inland Waterways which have a unique system of lights for vessel identification called CEVNI. This simple to use vessel identification tool shows the actual view of vessels for port, starboard, bow and stern lights on European Inland Waterways.

The right bank or right-hand side of the channel and the left bank or left-hand side of the channel are seen from the perspective of an observer facing downstream (downhill on a canal). The European LightRule CEVNI is inexpensive security for night travel and should be an essential part of the equipment found on any boat traveling on European Inland Waterways.

•Identifies lights and shapes as prescribed by European code for inland waterways
•Displays 53 light configurations
•Actual view of vessels for port, starboard, bow and stern lights
•Displays 18 maneuvering and warning signals
•Visual guide for horn signals
•Magnifying lens for clear readability of definitions
•Durable plastic construction

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