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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Voyaging >> Margarita Cat Sketches Of The Cruising Life
Margarita Cat Sketches Of The Cruising Life

Margarita Cat Sketches Of The Cruising Life


Margarita Cat Sketches Of The Cruising Life

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Margarita Cat treats a subject timely to today's social and economic meltdown - how to dodge them in style! The trade wind reaches of the world have gone chock-a-block with cruising sailors who have trickled down to the underdeveloped parts of the world, slipping the yokes of their failing postmodern states. Caravans of yachts follow Ayn Rand's escape route by "going Galt" in the South Pacific, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. .As Peter Swanson, contributor to Yachting, Soundings and Passagemaker magazines, puts it: "Bruce Van Sant spent 40 years navigating in that subculture. But coming so early into it he never really fit in with the American cruising crowd as it swelled to a movement. His apartness has given him a unique, often hilarious perspective of what happens when Middle-America decides to escape by sea . . . in Margarita Cat, the result is an oddball classic in a genre of one."Cruising Guide Publications says Margarita Cat is "a lovely and indulgent book of letters, logs, and memories compiled like a giant love letter to the sea and all those who dare to venture upon her . . .

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