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Category: Publications >> Paper Publications >> Professional >> Safety/Environment >> Bridge Team Management 2ND ED
Bridge Team Management 2ND ED

Bridge Team Management 2ND ED


Bridge Team Management 2ND ED

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Catalog # 9781870077668

Bridge Team Management, 2nd Edition 2004 The purpose of bridge team management is to ensure the safe and timely arrival of ships. Competent navigation is achieved through planning, clarity of purpose and effective organization. The second edition of this major reference work has retained the essential elements of the first edition containing: management principles; passage appraisal; planning; execution; monitoring; teamwork and pilotage. However these sections have been brought up to date with legislation and have been amplified with the feed back from superintendents and sea staff where improvements could be made.

Authors: A.J. Swift and T.J. Bailey
Publisher: SOS Free Stock
Second Revised edition (12-01-2004)
Paperback: 110 pages

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