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Category: Publications >> Paper Publications >> Professional >> IMO >> Modu Code 1989, 2001 Edition
Modu Code 1989, 2001 Edition

Modu Code 1989, 2001 Edition


Modu Code 1989, 2001 Edition

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Catalog # IA811E

The 2009 MODU Code presents a major revision of the 1989 MODU Code prompted by the need to update the provisions for helicopter facilities on MODUs following amendments by the ICAO Council in 2004.

It also contains, amongst others:
Clarification of differing jurisdiction and control mechanisms of port and coastal States
Changes to the provisions for casualty investigations
New provisions for means of access and safe access to spaces
Inclusion of provisions for anti-fouling systems and ballast water management
Clarification and additional requirements for remotely operated doors
Provision of additional requirements for jacking systems

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