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Category: House For Hermit Crab
House For Hermit Crab

House For Hermit Crab

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House For Hermit Crab

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Catalog # 9780689870644

Change isn't always easy. Not for kids, not for grownups and not for crustaceans. In A House for Hermit Crab (compare prices), by Eric Carle, the hero from the title grows out of his old shell and needs a new one. But the place he has his eye on isn't quite enough. Until he invites some underwater friends to join him, and all is OK again. Or is it? If you've got a preschooler who is currently learning ow to adjust to something new in their life (starting school, a new sibling, a new house), this is a book you might want to check out. Gentle and sweet, Carle handles transitions with his trademark aplomb and grace. As usual, the book features beautiful art, capturing colorful coral and stunning sea stars.

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