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Category: Guides >> Travel >> Highway A1A Florida At Edge
Highway A1A Florida At Edge

Highway A1A Florida At Edge


Highway A1A Florida At Edge

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Catalog # 9780813028330

The story of Highway A1A--running north to south along 500 miles of famous Florida coastline--and its crucial role in the historic settlement and the future of a state adapting to 21st century demands. Herb Hiller's knowledge of Florida is exhaustive and unique.Highway A1Ais an indispensable read for anyone having a commercial, professional, or even purely curious interest in the future of this skyrocketing state. Will Floridians wake one day to find their Eden irrevocably despoiled? The drama is being played out right now, and the Day of Judgment is not far off. Herb Hiller reports with a keen eye, a sympathetic ear, encyclopedic knowledge, and obvious affection for his home state, its people, and its great but imperiled potential. Highway A1A: Florida at the Edge is more than an insightful guide to the cities and towns along Florida's Atlantic coast. It is also the dramatic story of how tourism begat development, how development begat sprawl, and how this coastal corridor, almost out of the blue, created Florida's original year-round residential downtowns with the power to transform how Floridians live and how the world vacations in the Sunshine State.

Author: Herbert L. Hiller
Publisher: University Press of Florida
Edition Date: 2005
Number of Pages: 456

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