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Category: Guides >> Travel >> Book Of Survival Original Guide 3RD ED
Book Of Survival Original Guide 3RD ED

Book Of Survival Original Guide 3RD ED


Book Of Survival Original Guide 3RD ED

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Catalog # 9781578261499

What does the future have in store? Blackouts? Lightning storms? Mob riots? Shark attacks? Count on legendary survival expert Tony Greenbank to show how to prevail through anything the world throws at us with his newly revised The Book of Survival: The Original Guide to Staying Alive in the City, the Suburbs and the Wild Lands Beyond. First published in 1968, revised The Book of Survival took the public imagination by storm. Now it is revised and back in print, with special advice on how to handle the unfortunate possibilities of the world we live in now. Highly original, wildly provocative, often outrageously funny, The Book of Survival explores every danger life can hit you with, and then some. Whether it's falling elevators, head-on car crashes, crazed mobs, wolf attacks, terrorist bombings, or ATM muggings, Tony Greenbank provides a way out in his own clever and unique style. Tony Greenbank's words of wisdom cut through like a knife: Too Lonely... "Anyone facing extinction feels the loneliest person on earth..." Too Thirsty... "Owed water the body is a debt collector ruthless enough to force its demented owner to drink gasoline..." Too Dark... "What do you do when the light goes out? How do you grope, paw, feel, claw, fumble and stumble out of the darkness?" Too Hot... "Intense heat can spark off a human urge to leap from impossible heights, fling open doors of burning rooms, hurl water onto flaming oil—and make other errors." When faced with impossible situations, survival is not a joke. One needs reliable, time-tested information. Man-made and natural disasters are common in our dangerous world. Accidents happen every day. One needs to know what to do. Greenbank reminds us that one doesn't need to be James Bond to survive the worst case scenario. The Book of Survival takes it for granted that someone may be overweight, out of shape, maybe even pregnant, and then gives easy-to-remember tips for surviving every imaginable catastrophe this menacing world can produce. The Third Revised Edition includes updated information for our turbulent times.

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