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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Voyaging >> Sailing To Jericho Sea Voyage Passions & Intrigue
Sailing To Jericho Sea Voyage Passions & Intrigue

Sailing To Jericho Sea Voyage Passions & Intrigue


Sailing To Jericho Sea Voyage Passions & Intrigue

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Catalog # 9781425974770


Was it the last rush of youth or the desperateness of age, which coursed two people through a sea quest, a love story and their tragedies? Or maybe, the unlikely alliance fashioned by feelings of the heart bolstered their unique life-altering plan; a plan, which included the breaking away from the disciplines and comforts of successful corporate careers, and the transformation to an unconventional lifestyle. Possibly, it was their passion that compelled them to sail from Terra Firma in search of their destiny, to do what most people only dream of doing and few ever succeed in accomplishing. It is the unconventional discoveries and tribulations of two individuals who sailed a forty-two foot sloop in excess of four thousand nautical miles and journeyed to seven different countries. A voyage demarcated by the serendipity of their togetherness in the remote tropical coves of the out islands of Belize, and the serenity of secluded paradise in the blue clear waters of Cuba. The adversities of sailing across the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, and the incursion into the incongruous Mississippi River, of dangerous storms, fires and groundings and the sufferings and calamities in the mountains and rivers of Guatemala. It is a story of passions satiated and novelties lost, and like the collapsed walls of Jericho the tumultuous demise of a dream.

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